Monthly Archives: November 2009

New Moon, Jenny B. Jones!


I’m reading a series by Jenny B. Jones, A Kate Parker Production. I’m on the third book (out of three) and I love Katie Parker. She comes from a home with a troubled past and ends up with a Christian foster family. It is a very good read. Today I went to see New Moon. Very good. I always skip the Jacob part in the book-he just gets in the way-in the movie it was really well down. The end of the movie keeps you guessing for the next movie (of course  I already know what happens as I have read the books).


Movies, Cheesecake, and painting…


Last night and this morning I watched ‘The Family Stone’ for the millionth time (it never gets old) and it always gets me thinking about how lucky I am to have a great, fun family. Last night I was looking on the internet for a Cheesecake recipe with no Cheese in it. I was lucky enough to find one with tofu in it and I have decided to make it tonight. The recipe calls for soft tofu and I looked everywhere. The only place I found it was in Safeway. Halleluja! This afternoon I plan on making Cheescake and to paint my room Chocolate brown. I think my day is pretty much layed out for me. As well, Heartland should be a good episode tonight. The actress who played Anne of Green Gables is playing Ty Borden’s drug addicted mother. Sounds amazing!

Music to my ears…


I baked brownies this week but they were gone by Thursday. I would like to try some new stuff with them but we’ll see if I am capable of doing that without eating the brownies. I’ve been reading a new series of books and I’m enjoying them quite a bit. Tonight is Heartland which means fish and chips in front of the tele (don’t you love how the British talk?) I really enjoy fries and fish are quite delicious too. I’ve been reading through Psalms in the Bible lately and it’s been really amazing. I love music and poetry and Psalms is pretty much that. Music and Poetry. I love how everything is said through rythming. It makes it as enjoyable as the stories. My favorite books are Job and Proverbs but it just might change after this. Well, happy cold & flu season (I hope everyone feels well)!