Monthly Archives: December 2009

T’was the night before Christmas…


and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. That is probably one of my favorite lines to quote at Christmas time. A book I have grown up with. I made white chocolate candy cane bark about a week ago but the chocolate didn’t quite harden up. It was very soft. Of course, the bark is all gone now, except one piece that I am saving for myself. We also have the seasonal Clodhoppers in our house, they are probably one of my favorites, and Christmas Oranges. Why are they called Christmas Oranges? Because they taste best around Christmas (although their real name is mandarine)! A little bit of useless info that everyone already knows! Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, whatever language you want to say it in, Merry Christmas [to all and to all a good night].


Baby, It’s Cold Outside…


Winter has come around and there are only six sleeps left until Christmas. Presents are under the tree and music is playing…if only I could figure out how to get Christmas music on my blog. I’ve gotten quite a bit of reading in lately and I hope for more! When I think of Christmas I don’t think of a tree and presents under the tree. I think of hot chocolate, candy canes, fires, good books, and giving. Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year. There seem to be quite a few good movies coming out this year. I’d love to go see Sherlock Holmes. It looks amusing. We’ll see.