What a crazy week it has been. It really makes you realize how much you have when you look at these people with nothing. Their homes destroyed. Heiti has been unfortunate enough to have an earthquake. This natural disaster reminded me of a clip in the move ‘Catch and Release’ watch  from 2:47 and 4:09. Jennifer Garner’s character says she loves natural disasters. I’m not trying to say that I like them, I don’t. They create terror and destruction, but I believe that they are there for a reason. In India they love the monsoon rains. People wait for days to get the rains and they celebrate when they get them. It is a happy time for them, even if people in their family die, they are very glad for the rains. I think that sometimes we think natural distasters tear a world apart, but I think it brings a world together, people together. It’s something we should do anyway, but it takes a natural disaster to do that. We are not so different from them, but we seperate ourselves from the rest of the world. We shouldn’t but we do. In a way, I am thankful for natural disasters, as terrible as that sounds, we are a whole again with them. Now after that little speech I’m going to find some dessert.


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