It’s amazing how fast you can settle into a routine. Every Friday I get home, clean up my stuff, sit down at the computer, and turn on the television. I turn the channel to viva and get onto my blog. Viva, you ask? yes, viva. They have cooking shows on throughout the afternoon. Starting at 2. Everyday Food, Nigella Express, Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag, and Cook Yourself Thin. I always have to explain myself on the last one. I am not trying to lose weight, they just make amazing food on there. I watched one episode where they covered a chocolate cake in melted dark chocolate. I also picked up their cookbook and made some goat cheese Mac and Cheese. It was very good. I finished a book this weekend by Elizabeth White, Tour de Force. Since it is about ballet it had me captivated. It was beautiful and true to life. I would definitely read it again. It’s a two thumbs up book, by my standards.


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  1. I like your routine! I have never heard of Viva… but I do enjoy Food Network in the afternoon. When Ina comes on the world fades to black…Blessings!Amanda

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