Chicken Fajitas


I love chicken fajitas and I’ve seen them a few places lately so I decided to make them. They were easier than I expected. I didn’t even barbeque the chicken. Just grilled it on our wonderful ‘Lean Mean Fat reducing Grilling Machine’. I kid you not, that is the name of our grill. Anyways, the chicken only used one ingredient so it was simple to make, and vegies were really the only thing required. Recipe is below…

 Chicken Fajita’s

5 Chicken Breasts
Tex Mex Seasoning
2 Cans of Heinz beans
1/4 cup Bean Salsa
plain yogurt

Grill the chicken breasts with the tex mex seasoning (grill until white). Meanwhile start the beans. Take a medium sized pot and put the 2 cans of beans in as well as 1/4 cup bean salsa (you may also use regular salsa). Sprinkle some tex mex seasoning in and heat. Once chicken breasts are finished, pull them apart in to strips. Grill the tortilla’s quickly. Chop lettuce and tomato, grate some cheese. Take a grilled tortilla. Put bean mixture on, then cheese, and vegetables as well as plain yogurt. Wrap up and enjoy!


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