Farmer’s Markets and Apple Pie


I love when summer comes. You can tell in the air and in the surroundings. Flowers start blooming

 it rains instead of snows, and the farmer’s market comes out. That’s probably one of my favorites. The farmer’s market. Throughout the summer fresh fruits and vegetables are available, homemade baskets, mini doughnuts, and the hats. I love all the different colours of hats at farmer’s markets. The pinks and purples and yellows and reds. They reflect the business of the market. It’s a soothing experience. Our local farmer’s market just opened up for the summer, and the homemade pies looked were amazing.
We got an Apple pie and some cherries. The pie was delicious. As soon as I opened the box, the warm aroma of apples and spices flew at me. Literally. The apples were soft and crisp at the same time, with a beautiful meld of spices. What would normally make a nice, warm, winter snack, became my night time summer snack. The pie crust was nice and flaky but still thick enough to hold the pie. I love pie crust, and this one made number 2 on my list. What’s your favorite farmer’s market sense?


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  1. Your farmer's market sounds so nice. I unfortunately do not have one nearby. But I really enjoyed hearing about yours and that yummy pie:)

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