Monthly Archives: July 2010

Ice Cream Pie


The pie didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped, just because it was too hot and the ice cream melted. I was dissapointed, but I think I would make it again when its not so hot out. The recipe will come soon. With the summer here in full bloom, what is your favorite dessert?  


Banana Split


In the heat of the summer it’s great to feel like a 5 year old again. Scooping out the vanilla icecream into a bowl, hoping it won’t melt vefore I’m through with it. Dropping walnuts and chocolate chips on top as well as putting the chopped up banana on the side. As simple as it is, it’s gorgeous. It just seems like summer. I just wish I had some m&m’s and some butterscotch chips on top. If you notice I have full walnuts on my icecream. We had no chopped ones handy, but having full ones on top were delicious. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Enjoy!

Chicken and Caesar Salad

The perfect summer dinner. Roasted chicken in the grocery store, some french bread, and a toss together caesar salad. A nice light mix. And the house doesn’t get hot (big points scored there). The flavours of the three together have always reminded me of summer. It’s a meal that doesn’t make anything hotter than it already is.

A beautiful, simple meal. I hope summer is going well for everyone. Enjoy.