Monthly Archives: August 2010


I’m sorry for not posting in a while. Blogger hasn’t been working properly for me, so anything I’ve done has been deleted. I love taco’s and I love taco chips and I love Nacho’s. I really like the saltiness of the taco chips. I make them quite often, nacho’s, but I made these ones differently.

I put a bean dip on top as well as salsa. After the two I put on feta cheese and in the microwave it went. The bean dip and feta went so well together. The nacho’s tasted fantastic dipped in plain yogurt (with some chives on top). Delicious. A perfect summer lunch. With some Olde Time lemonade that my sister made.

Cupcakes and Icing


I needed to quickly make 2 dozen cupcakes, so why not use a cake recipe? I used a nice moist chocolate cake recipe (will include soon) and for the icing, an adaption from vegan buttercream. I loved the chocolate against the creamy colour of the buttercream icing. Not only were the colours beautiful together, they tasted fantastic together. I often find buttercream is too heavy in the summer, as well as cream cheese, so this vegan buttercream was fantastic. Nice and light next to the chocolate cake. And they look elegant, I think.