Happy New Year


I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Unfortunately I got the flu and was out for the first days back at school. As I’m writing this I’m watching the wind swirl a world full of snow flakes. For the record, I dislike winter very much. It means it’s cold and snowy. I do enjoy sitting inside with a fire watching The Food Network of TLC. I like how cozy the weekends are, gourmet Saturday breakfasts and warm Saturday afternoons. I think one of my favorite Saturday morining breakfasts is French Toast. I made these two pieces perfectly, a nice mixture of egg, cinnamon, and sugar. That’s something new I’ve been doing. I put sugar in my egg/water mixture. It adds a

little something to the French Toast. I’d like to see what brown sugar would do to the French Toast, I’m sure it would carmelize. I love brown sugar. Whenever I use it I always have to eat a little bit when I use it, I think I’m addicted. I hope everyone had a wonderfu Christmas and tell me, what are your New Years Revolutions? Mine is to bake more (and excercise while I’m at it). Bon Appetit.


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  1. Thanks for reminding me how scrumptious french toast is! After reading your post my dad and I experimented with french toasting cranberry cornbread, and it was pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. Look out for the post. 😀

  2. I have no idea why french toast is so amazing, I could eat it by the loaf. I love the idea of using brown sugar, I will totally be trying that!
    Peace, love, save the whales

  3. This looks wonderful and brown sugar is a great idea. I love the food you feature here. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

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