Lava CakeMy name is Lexi and I am a 16 year old baker.I am an avid reader of historical romance. I love my kitchen and enjoy baking desserts. I am a christian and I believe life is a journey. Glad to have you here…Welcome to my blog.


reading, writing, baking, blogging

Favorite Movies

The Proposal, New In Town, Leap Year, My Fair Lady, Sabrina, The Prince and Me

Favorite Books

The Twilight Saga, The Books of Bayern, The Lauren Holbrook Series, and many more

Favorite Music

Carrie Underwood, Kina Grannis, Leona Lewis, Sierra Noble, Lady Antebellum, I like pretty much anything (no screamo or rap)

Favorite Kitchen Tool

I’d have to say the KitchenAid mixer, it’s great for pretty much everything. My dream one is brightly coloured.