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“Would you like strawberries or mandarines in the salad?” I looked up from my book and looked around the room. The voice was directed at me. Everyone looked at me expectantly as I weighed the pros and cons of both. To read more about my strawberry extravaganza go here!



I am involved with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan every year, this one is no exception. I’m making my grapefruit cupcakes…for more on this post go here! I’m super excited to make them again. They were a hit with in my family so hopefully everyone else likes them as well.

Happy New Year


I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Unfortunately I got the flu and was out for the first days back at school. As I’m writing this I’m watching the wind swirl a world full of snow flakes. For the record, I dislike winter very much. It means it’s cold and snowy. I do enjoy sitting inside with a fire watching The Food Network of TLC. I like how cozy the weekends are, gourmet Saturday breakfasts and warm Saturday afternoons. I think one of my favorite Saturday morining breakfasts is French Toast. I made these two pieces perfectly, a nice mixture of egg, cinnamon, and sugar. That’s something new I’ve been doing. I put sugar in my egg/water mixture. It adds a

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I love the colours of autumn. They’re just so warm and welcoming. And the girl scouts come around with peppermint chocolate cookies….yum!!  It means winter is coming, time for me to curl up with a good book and a mocha. It means I will start listening to Christmas music and I will start baking holiday treats. And it also means I have to study for exams. *sigh* As much as I love summer, winter allows me the time to bake, to cook, and to write. Something that is harder to find time to do in the summer (I find). In the autumn I start to have an appetite for good food.

On the move


Shopping, shopping, shopping. It may have been a mere hour, but I found four things I liked and three I bought. I really do love shopping but it is good to be home. I’ve been busy all day, so it feels good to put my feet up and relax. Speaking of Relaxing, I did not enjoy the Sunshine Cleaners at all. It had inappropriate scenes and wasn’t good! This is just my view, although I wouldn’t reccomend it to anyboday out there. There are a couple of movies that I’d like to see, but they can wait. I’m excited for the new Seasons of “Being Erica” [starting Tuesday, September 22]  and “Heartland”[starting Sunday, October 4]. They are two shows that I have not missed an episode of. *Yawn* I’m getting tired…I should go rest a bit. Good bye my dear friend She said in an english accent. I shall miss you dearly.